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Mini Detail


Our customers will receive a high-quality, total vehicle cleaning. Our Mini Detail is a complete interior and exterior clean done in about two hours for an exceptional clean at an even better price. Your car can receive a fantabulous makeover with this service, no matter how long you’ve had your car or how much stress you’ve thrown at it. Our Mini Detailing service package is the best of the best when it comes to our services. We hand-selected the most common services from all our other package deals rolled up into one ready-to-go service. This mobile car detailing Fort Myers FL service gives your vehicle the gift of a great exterior cleaning and microfiber hand dry, a great cleansing of all your vehicles windows, color and shine treatment for the plastic trim on and in your vehicle, cleaning, a complete tire cleansing and shine, a wipe down of the inside, and vacuuming of all the seats. The treatment applied to the plastic surfaces can help slow the fading of the colors in and around your vehicle and even help slow down everyday wear and tear. The tire cleaning and degreasing helps deliver better performance and slows the dryness of your tires that can cause dryness, and your clear coat and paint will begin to crack. For mobile car detailing in Fort Myers, Florida, see us today and experience our Mini Detail Special or many more. 

Daily, seawater evaporates into the air, and the wind carries a small amount of salt with it. This process is known as seaspray. Seaspray not only influences plant growth and marine life growth. However, the salts, organic matter, and various minerals in the sea spray can increase corrosion to your vehicle’s exterior. This debris is then carried from the ocean, by the wind, for miles inland, and all over your car’s exterior.

Mini Detailing starting at $129.99

We guarantee top-notch car detailing services provided by a team of the most qualified and trained professionals that the Fort Myers, FL mobile automotive detailing industry has to offer. Our team has many years of hands-on experience, and, in that time, we have worked with almost every type of vehicle you can imagine. We provide speedy service, but our quality never wavers. Our Fort Myers, FL car detailing professionals love what they do. It is evident in the thorough transformations we create. We are your go-to resource for any mobile detailing service your vehicle will ever require in Fort Myers, FL. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

Your car will look brand new, inside and out, by the time we’re finished. We provide detailing for your car’s interior and exterior surfaces to ensure your vehicle looks great all around. We all know it’s much easier to have fun driving your car around when it’s free of dust and grime. Our auto detailing service based in Fort Myers ensures that you’ll be looking flashy as you drive around town in your brand new-looking vehicle.

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